Turf Cutter


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A powerful, heavy duty turf cutter that removes turf quickly, cleanly and safely. The high tensile cutting knife allows the cutter to lift a strip 30cm/12″ wide and up to 35mm/1½” thick in one effortless pass. Simple to use with a reliable Honda GX160 engine.

Also referred to as a Sod Cutter, Turf Digger, Turf Lifter and Turf Removal Machine.

Can cut 475 square meters of turf in an hour
One forward and one reverse gear
Self propelled mechanical transmission
Adjustable cutting depth to a maximum of 35mm
Four bearing mounted wheels with rough terrain pneumatic tyres
Sturdy steel chassis, handle and frame
Adjustable handle and lever
Sprung steel blade
Independent blade operating handle.


‍Engine: Honda GX 160 Kl (petrol)
Engine Power: 4.0kW / 5.5hp
Cutting Width: 30cm
Cutting Depth: Adjustable up to 35mm/1½”
Dimensions: 740mm x 420mm x 610mm
Weight: 73Kg.

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